Unlock 5 Key Benefits to Supercharge Your Financial Process


Effortlessly centralize your financial data. Experience a unified view without juggling multiple platforms, ensuring a more streamlined and error-free financial workflow.


Tailor automation to your needs. With familiar Excel syntax, automate complex financial tasks and reduce manual entry, freeing up valuable time and reducing human error.


Gain insights at a glance. Dive deep into your financial data effortlessly, ensuring transparency, traceability, and trust in your financial reports at all levels.


Seamlessly map to your chart of accounts within your general ledger. With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, ensure that every financial detail aligns perfectly.


Experience a one-click close. Make period-end financial closes more efficient while ensuring adjustments are automatically accounted for in subsequent periods.

Hear From Our Customers

Our customers have experienced firsthand how Numeral can revolutionize their financial operations. They’ve found more time to focus on their businesses and less time worrying about their accounting. Let us show you why we’re the trusted solution for high-volume businesses​.

Chris Hall

Assistant Controller, AllTrails

The level of service, responsiveness and attention to detail implementing Numeral is top-notch.

Joseph Matibag

Controller at PayZen

We would not be able to scale as quickly without Numeral. They easily handle multiple systems and complex accounting use cases to provide us confidence in our financials.

Jeroen Gijzen

VP, Corporate Controller at Scribd

Numeral bridges the gap that exists between accounting and engineering teams. The technology is groundbreaking.

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Why Choose Numeral?


Introducing additional systems into your tech stack and launching new revenue streams? Numeral has you covered.


Need to pass and improve upon audits? Numeral has you covered.


Experiencing exponential growth and need a system to keep up? Numeral has you covered.


We transform complex data into clear actionables, driving strategic decisions and real results.

From Raw Data to Perfect Accounts.

Effortless Precision.

Tired of transactional chaos in high-volume accounting? With Numeral, dive deep into a world of flawless automation, precise revenue recognition, and seamless cash reconciliation. Discover the relief you’ve been waiting for. Book your free demo today.