Modern Financial Data Management

Harness the variety, velocity, and volume of your financial data with Numeral Hub.

What is Financial Data Management?

Gartner defines financial data management as a set of processes and policies — usually assisted by specialized software — that enable an organization to consolidate its financial information, maintain compliance with accounting rules and laws, and produce detailed financial reports.

Financial data management maintains a logic-driven data structure (such as a chart of accounts) to provide different snapshots of financial data.

How Numeral Hub Works

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Consolidate financial data from disparate systems into one single source of truth with our (continuously growing) library of integrations. Homegrown billing system or data warehouse? We plug into those no problem. Allow engineering and data teams to focus on building your core product, not back-end financial tools.

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Every system within your financial tech stack speaks a different language. If your payment processor speaks data in Spanish and your billing system speaks data in Mandarin, Numeral Hub is Rosetta Stone and translates all data languages into English, or the language of accounting. We refer to this as Numeralizing your data.

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Experience complete control over your financial data and access both raw and Numeralized (transformed) data. Built for accounting teams, not engineering or data science. Search, sort, filter, export and pivot your financial data with unlimited flexibility.


Our integrations library is continuously growing. Below are all Numeral Hub integrations - current and those on the immediate roadmap. Use a system not currently listed? We’ll work with you to integrate!

Complete access and control over your financial data from all systems within your tech stack.