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The Problem Numeral Solves

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Data Fragmentation

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Accounting Complexity

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Transaction Volume

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Manual, Time-Consuming, Error-Prone and Unscalable Processes

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Data Fragmentation

Accounting-impacting data resides in multiple disparate systems with no single source of truth. Proper accounting requires accessing siloed data from multiple systems.

  • Payment Processing
  • Order Management
  • Subscription Management
  • CRM
  • Billing
  • Internal Systems
  • Mobile
  • And More!
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Accounting Complexity

The business models of today innately have more accounting complexity built into them compared to the businesses of old. These complexities make month-end exceedingly painful for accounting teams.

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Transaction Volume

Companies experiencing high growth process massive transaction volume. This inevitably results in downstream problems for accounting teams as spreadsheets are unable to handle the scale and take hours to open (or simply crash).

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Numeral Hub

Modern financial data management for high volume businesses.

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Numeral Modules

Modern accounting automation for high volume businesses.

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Fully-automated revenue recognition and reporting

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Cash Reconcilation

Full-automated cash reconciliation at the transaction level

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Capitalized Commision

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High-volume businesses entrust Numeral with fully-automated revenue recognition and transaction-level cash reconciliation.

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