Numeral Pricing

The Fully-Automated,

Real-Time Subledger for High-Volume Businesses. 

Our pricing model is based on two factors, number of system integrations and the volume of financially relevant data being processed through Numeral.

Financially Relevant Events (FRE) refers to any data record that impacts your financials. Examples of FRE include invoices, payments, fees, taxes, refunds, credits, etc. Transaction volume is often a great proxy for the overall volume of FRE.

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Numeral Use Cases

Revenue Recognition

Dealing with intricate business models with high volume transactions? Numeral’s Revenue Recognition platform revolutionizes your revenue reporting, facilitating faster and more precise closing of your books.

Cash Reconciliation

Experience automated cash reconciliation designed specifically for businesses with high volume transactions.

Data Reconciliation

Are you managing data across multiple systems? Numeral Data Reconciliation ensures that your chosen fields match perfectly between systems.


Any. Numeral was purpose-built to integrate into any system that stores financial data – doesn’t matter if it’s payment processors, billing platforms, order management systems, CRMs, etc. We have pre-built connectors into many commonly used platforms and our library of one-click integrations is constantly growing. We regularly integrate into homegrown system as well. Learn more about our integrations here

Extremely. We partner with Drata for continuous security maintenance. Protecting sensitive financial data for our customers is of paramount importance to us and we take data governance very seriously.

Numeral is compliant with data security legislation such as SOC 2 and we regularly pass audits with zero exceptions. Please reach out to your point of contact to receive our most recent penentraion test and security audit results.

Our engineering team has built and scaled products for hundreds of millions of users previously at companies like Google and Meta. We know the importance of air-tight security.

If your team can do accounting currently today, then Numeral can handle it. Our rules engine powering is built off Excel syntax. All accounting is algorithmic in nature and our rules handle even the most complex use cases.

Numeral does not offer free trial. We stand behind our products and the immense value they provide accounting teams.

Implementation timeframes vary depending on the number of systems Numeral Hub integrates into and the level of accounting complexity. For businesses with minimal systems and complexity, implementation can be done yourself in an hour. For businesses with a larger scope, implementation can take multiple weeks.

No. Our team handles everything from start to finish and we strongly believe this is one of Numeral’s biggest value propositions.

No, Numeral is the subledger for high-volume businesses that sits below your general ledger and above any system that houses accounting-impacting data.