Revenue Recognition for High-Volume Businesses

Complex revenue streams can become a labyrinth for accounting teams. Effortlessly navigate through it with Numeral.

Spreadsheet-Level Flexibility.
Database-Level Scalability.

Our rules engine is built for accountants and based off Excel syntax. Know basic formulas? You already know how to use Numeral. All this without having to worry about spreadsheets crashing due to high-volume.

Select Data Fields

Select any data field imported into Numeral.

Create Formulas

Create revenue recognition rules using Excel syntax.

Effortlessly Handle All Revenue Accounting Complexity

Accounting done in real-time upon each transaction and financially relevant event.

  • Deferred
  • Usage-Based
  • Milestone-Based
  • Effective Interest Rate
  • Gift Cards
  • Discounts
  • Credits
  • Refunds
  • Chargebacks
  • Upgrades
  • Downgrades
  • Pauses
  • Cancelations
  • Multi-Element Arrangements
  • Standalone Selling Price
  • Reallocation
  • Multiple Performance Obligations

And Much More.

ASC 606: The Most Common Use Case Automated with Numeral Revenue Recognition.

Identifying Customer Contracts

Contract details identified from all billing and order management systems.

Highlighting Performance Obligations

Line items identified and converted into clearly defined performance obligations.

Determining Transaction Prices

Transaction prices determined from payment processors.

Allocating Transaction Prices

Transaction prices from price list allocated to each performance obligation.

Recognize Revenue

Revenue recognized in real-time upon each transaction and financially-relevant event.


SSP Reallocation

Upload your Price List to automatically compute SSP Reallocation for bundled and discounted offerings.

Link Adjustments

Auto-link Adjustments like refunds to their original transactions.

Monthly Waterfall

Summary Journal Entries aligning with your chart of accounts presented in a striking Monthly Waterfall view.

General Ledger Integration

Lock periods and feed summary journal entries directly into your general ledger tied to your chart of accounts.

Scale Your Revenue Reporting.

Ready for a paradigm shift in your revenue recognition process?