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Fully-Automated Revenue Subledger

Purpose built for modern businesses with high transaction volume.

Automate Revenue Recognition Under ASC 606 With Numeral Revenue

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  1. Identify Customer Contracts

    Contract details such as price, term and payment schedule are imported from billing and order management systems with Numeral Hub.

  2. Identify Performance Obligations

    Line items from single or multi-element arrangements are converted into clearly defined performance obligations.

  3. Determine Transaction Prices

    Transaction prices are imported directly from payment gateways (self-serve) and CRMs (sales-led) with Numeral Hub.

  4. Allocate Transaction Prices

    Standalone Selling Price (SSP) from your Price List is identified to reallocate transaction prices in contracts with bundles or discounts.

  5. Recognize Revenue

    Revenue is recognized ratably across the contract with even the most complex revenue recognition use cases handled.


SSP Reallocation Icon

SSP Reallocation

Import your Price List to auto-calculate SSP Reallocation for bundles and discounts.

Rules Engine Icon

Rules Engine

Execute revenue recognition rules with simple IF/AND/OR statements based on Excel syntax.

Link Adjustments Icon

Link Adjustments

Auto-link Adjustments such as refunds back to their original transaction.

Audit Trail Icon

Audit Trail

Immutable and comprehensive Audit Trail tracking all historical changes to a transaction.

Permission Levels Icon

Permission Levels

Four levels of access by default, plus create your own custom Permission Levels based on company needs.

Monthly Waterfall Icon

Monthly Waterfall

Summary Journal Entries aligned to your chart of accounts presented in a beautiful Monthly Waterfall view.

Drill Down Icon

Drill Down

Drill Down from your Monthly Waterfall view to see all granular underlying transactions.

Real-Time Icon

Real Time

Login and see up-to-date revenue numbers - no more having to wait until period-end.

Month Lock Icon

Month Lock

Close revenue with Month Lock and have adjustments roll forward into the next open period.

Reports Icon


Exportable standard Reports, plus create and save your own.

Numeral’s Revenue module effortlessly handles all revenue accounting complexity.

  • Credits
  • Deferrals
  • Multi-Element Arrangements
  • Refunds
  • Upgrades
  • SSP Reallocation
  • Disputes
  • Downgrades
  • Performance Obligations
  • Discounts
  • Cancellations
  • Usage-Based Revenue
  • Accruals
  • Gift Cards
  • Trigger-Based Revenue
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GL Integrations

At month-end, lock the period and instantly book summary journal entries into your General Ledger mapped to your chart of accounts.

Numeral Revenue GL Integrations

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Future-proof and scale your revenue reporting.